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About Knobull

Setting a high
standard of trust!

Most academic search engines might start by proposing super results or recommending that you use them exclusively and fully trust their support. We think differently at Knobull. The process starts with you.

Our passion is working with students to deliver a cyber-secure world-class academic experience. We love what we do. Our purpose is to simplify and support your life as a student with one stop support systems so that you can give attention to learning and efforts that demand your time!

The Knobull Academic Search Engine users have the ability to search through 5 billion academic sources without commercial chatter, chat with your virtual study group, check student news articles, select from a vast array of links to academic resources and receive instant answers to burning questions close at hand!

Knobull, Inc. services for Academic and Career success is a ready-to-go environment for learning guidance that uses an academic search engine service, Refseek which is ranked 2nd by The College Post, 4th by The Journal, 7th by Rasmussen College and 8th by a LinkedIn reviewer. Our service searches 5 billion documents without tracking you and we pledge to never distribute or sell your personal data.

In addition, we deliver fast answers from the Contact page, provide links to most academic sources on the Resources page, facilitate student collaboration on the Message Board and present timely news articles, picked by students, on the Student News page. The Knobull platform for professional success is now live with thousands of student followers and is supporting students throughout the US and across most academic fields!

Our mission is to move academic and career success forward with brave, productive collaboration. We can change education and industries for the better by offering native advertising design and delivery for like-minded customers who want to help build valued academic tools for the student population.

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